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To build with real fired clay bricks is to use one of the most enduring and beautiful materials known to mankind. In durability, strength, thermal and acoustic insulation, genuine clay bricks have no equal. Furthermore, clay bricks are practical, easy to build with, offer good plaster adhesion and are not weather dependent during the construction phase. Taking into account their many advantages, real clay bricks are more affordable over time than any other building material or bricks made of inferior substances. There can be no doubt: clay bricks are the natural choice!

Claytile is focused on utilising our superb clay reserves to supply the Western Cape with top quality and cost-effective genuine clay bricks. We invite you to trust us to deliver our superior product to your next building project with professionalism, reliability and integrity. For clay bricks, we’re the natural choice!


You need look no further.

Our bricks are environmentally friendly, fire resistant, durable, strong, excellent acoustic insulation... just to name a few of the benefits!

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1201, 2023

Claytile redesigns for quality & sustainability with new rotary kiln

January 12th, 2023|Categories: News|

Claytile recently revamped its entire production process.   This included the replacement of it's Tunnel Kiln with a rotary Kiln. CBA Article  


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