Kalahari Red Paver 50mm

Class PB
Coverage 42/m²
Description Clay
Application SX (Exterior Residential) ASTM
Average compressive strength 40 Mpa
Mass 2.3 Kg
Size 220mm (length)
110mm (width)
50mm (height)
Claytile - The Natural Choice | Kalahari Paver 50mm


  • Natural Fired Clay Colours – No added pigments which fade over time due to UV exposure.
  • Durable – Naturally fired clay is extremely durable and hard wearing. Fired clay has very low water absorption, resulting in higher resistance to moss growth and algae build up.
  • Low Maintenance – Clay pavers resist staining and require less maintenance and cleaning than concrete pavers.
  • Timeless Style – Clay pavers have a distinct edge in looks and style. An aged, worn brick walkway retains its charm while cracked or chipped concrete looks worn out.
  • Eco-Friendly – In addition to being made from all natural materials, pavers are frequently salvaged, cleaned, and reused, making them a more sustainable choice.
  • Larger unit size than Industry Standard (42/m2) vs Standard (50). Less units per m2, higher coverage and lower laying cost.


  • All clay raw material is mined on site, blended with zero waste. Mined areas are rehabilitated to original agricultural state.
  • Where possible, production processes are scheduled for off-peak periods to help reduce demand on the National Electricity Grid.
  • The Plant is automated which means no forklifts are used to move bricks and pavers within the production process, leading to fuel savings and emission reduction.
  • Uniform sizing translates to easier laying and reduced cutting and waste.
  • The favourable geographical location of our factory gives us the advantage to easily and efficiently reach major Cape Town building sites.