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In order to assist residents of affordable housing who can’t afford high electricity bills, a Thermal performance study has been released by the University of Pretoria. The study assesses the operational energy use of structures built with six different walling materials.

Developers and Architects of green buildings consider the embodied energy of the raw materials used when selecting building materials. The size and use of a building influences its thermal performance. The design models applied in this study were used in prior research by the CSIR and the Department of Mineral and Energy Affairs. Best-practice construction methods were assumed, as required by SANS 10400 (Energy usage in Building) and SANS204 (Energy efficiency in building).

The Study

“Members of the Clay Brick Association of Southern Africa are pleased that the study corroborates existing national and international research for clay brick products,” says CBA Technical Director Nico Mienie. “This research verified that any of the three clay brick walling formats provide property owners and residents with lowest energy usage and hence greatest thermal comfort.”