Wine Racks

Stackable – Single & Double

Claytile terracotta hexagonal wine racks are available in either 1 or 2 bottle configurations. The Hexagonal design enables the wine racks to be dry stacked in almost any configuration to create an appealing storage system.


  • Fired clay (terracotta) maintains an even storage temperature and humidity and protects against temperature fluctuations
  • Terracotta does not deteriorate in cool, humid cellar conditions
  • Terracotta is aesthetically pleasing, making for an eye-catching feature
  • The hexagonal design supports dry stacking which allows the wine racks to be easily relocated
  • Stable design which is ideal for the kitchen, a free standing display or cellar
  • Almost any shape or space can be accommodated with the honeycomb design
  • Wine racks can be stacked under staircases to make use of unused areas thus allowing for flexibility of design
  • Owing to the unique shape, wine racks can be added to as required
  • Wine racks can easily be stacked in small, unused cupboards

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Claytile - The Natural Choice | Wine Racks
Claytile - The Natural Choice | Wine Racks

Claytile - The Natural Choice | Wine Racks