Clay Block 190mm

Class NFP
Coverage 25m²
Description Clay 16 core perforated block
Average compressive strength 9 MPa horizontal, 20 MPa vertical
Mass 7.7 Kg
Size 190mm (length)
190mm (width)
190mm (height)
No. per m² single skin 25
No. per pallet 180
BRICK FORMAT Blocks per m² based on single-skin construction with 12mm joints Square meters per 100 blocks
Clay Block 25 4


  • Superior compressive strength vs cement blocks.
  • Can be laid vertically or horizontally.
  • Low water absorption (±10%) leads to lower horizontal movement and less cracking.
  • Lower mass 15.5 kg vs 16 kg cement MA190 block.
  • Lower porosity vs cement blocks (lower reversible moisture movement).
  • Robot setting with process control ensures consistent quality and ease of plastering.
  • Modern mobile rotary kiln uses embodied energy – desulfurization scrubber removes harmful emission.


  • All clay raw material is mined on site and blended with zero waste. Mined areas are rehabilitated to natural renosterbos.
  • Where possible, production processes are scheduled for off-peak periods to help reduce demand on the National Electricity Grid.
  • The Plant is automated which means no forklifts are used to move bricks and pavers within the production process, leading to fuel savings and reduction of emissions.
  • Uniform sizing translates to easier laying and reduced cutting and waste.
  • The favourable geographical location of our factory allows us to easily and efficiently reach major Cape Town building sites.