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Maxi Plaster Bricks

Class NFP / NFX
Coverage 34/m²
Description Clay, 17 core vertical perforation(superior compressive strength)
Average compressive strength 20+ MPa
Average product weight 2.9 Kg
Average water absorption 10.3%
Average size 222mm (length),
90mm (width),
114mm (height)
  • Superior compressive strength.
  • Vertically perforated product – no unsightly voids on window and door reveals.
  • Labour savings – not necessary to plug corner voids before plastering compared to horizontal perforations.
  • Aluminium window and door frames can be fixed with standard wall plugs.
  • Heavy mountings/safes can be fixed with rawl bolts – brick does not have internal voids compared to horizontal perforations.
  • Smooth finish means garages can be bagged finished – savings on plastering.
  • Robot setting with process control ensures consistent quality lower mortar usage and ease of plastering.
  • Palletised and shrink wrapped – lower site wastage and pilfering.
  • Modern tunnel kiln fired using embodied energy – low emissions.
  • All clay raw material is mined on site, blended with zero waste. Mined areas are rehabilitated to original agricultural state.
  • Where possible production processes are scheduled for off-peak periods to help reduce demand on the National Electricity Grid.
  • Energy to fire our Clay products is sourced as a by product from Saldanha Steel. Drying energy is derived from waste wood from a local pallet hiring company.
  • The Plant is automated which means no forklifts are used to move bricks within the production process, leading to fuel savings and emission reduction.
  • Bricks are perforated (dematerialization) in a staggered design that retains structural strength, while minimizing clay usage, thereby reducing required energy costs.
  • Lighter, stronger product translates to savings in building design as the structure bears less load.
  • As bricks are lighter, considerably more product can be transported to site, meaning a reduction in vehicle numbers and therefore lower emissions per square meter of walling.
  • Bricks are palletised at 400 units per pallet, leading to less pallet wood usage and a reduction in shrink wrap and improved site management.
  • Our uniform brick requires less mortar to lay and reduces site wastage.
  • The favourable geographical location of our factory gives us the advantage to easily and efficiently reach major Cape Town building sites.
BRICK FORMAT Bricks per m² based on single-skin construction with 12mm joints Square meters per 1000 bricks
Maxi 34 29.40
NFP – Non-facing plastered Clay bricks suitable for general building work that is to be plastered.
NFX – Non-facing extra Clay bricks suitable for use, plastered or unplastered, for general building work below damp-proof course or under damp conditions or below ground level where durability rather than aesthetics is the criteria for selection.

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