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The Natural Choice

When it comes to building materials, few can match the beauty, durability, and practicality of fired clay bricks. Genuine clay bricks offer superb thermal and acoustic insulation and are incredibly strong and easy to work with, making them ideal for a wide range of construction projects. Furthermore, clay bricks are highly weather-resistant, meaning that construction can proceed even in inclement weather conditions.


In terms of value, few building materials can match clay bricks – over time, genuine clay bricks are more affordable than any other material, making them the natural choice for anyone looking to build on a budget. Here at Claytile, we are committed to providing our customers in Cape Town and the Western Cape with the highest quality clay bricks at the most competitive


You need look no further.

Our bricks are environmentally friendly, fire resistant, durable, strong, excellent acoustic insulation... just to name a few of the benefits!

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1201, 2023

Claytile redesigns for quality & sustainability with new rotary kiln

January 12th, 2023|Categories: News|

Claytile recently revamped its entire production process.   This included the replacement of it's Tunnel Kiln with a rotary Kiln. CBA Article  


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