Conradie Park social housing blocks is one of SA’s first, fully integrated mixed-income housing developments.

A partnership between developers Concor and the Western Cape Government it comprises more than 3 500 homes catering for all income and age groups, embracing all stages of one’s life cycle. This innovative project enables access to safe and affordable education as well as to job opportunities both onsite and within the nearby areas. It is situated close to the Cape Town CBD and offers retirement opportunities within a sustainable, green urban park.


Building Contractor: Concor Western Cape


Claytile Products Used



Kalahari Travertine FBA (Imperial Size) – R1FBAT









Clay Maxi NFP – M1NF










Kalahari Red 50mm Paver (220x110x50mm) – P1 









Clay Maxi NFP (LB4 Light 7MPA) – M1LB4












Claytile Special Products Used


Clay FBA Travertine (Double Cant) – FBADCT

Double Cant











Clay FBA Travertine (L-Shape) – FBALT